Mr. Blueman: Belly-up memories

A sleeping with the fishes memories with friends.

I’ve been down in the dumps since day I was drowned at the sea of lonesomeness.

Wearing my heavy shoes; prentending

They didn’t see it because they don’t care about it.

They lost a train of thought to the Blueman who filled their cup.

To the Blueman who put a rainbow over their dark town.

To the Blueman who made a yellow memories and days for them.

But the Blueman was drowned and no one’s willing to save him at the sea of lonesomeness — he stand up with his own.

He just smiled while at the foreshore because he still carrying his heavy shoes; trying.

He’s shouting but those ears are deaf.

But those FRIENDS of him(?) Laughing behind.

Thinking that those FRIENDS are walls of him — though you can tell your stories

But those walls aren’t true — walls with ears and mouth; sight with words.

“ They will drag you down ”

IG: itdaveraj


Mr. Blueman: Paper and ink

Blueman’s stuffs.

Inside his small blue room.

An empty room but has a piece of papers and ink.

Feelings through words, emotions through words; writing.

The faucet silently running — comparing to his life.

He’s cross to bear; forever.

At the full of sadness

Thinking himself over the moon; imagining.

But he’s just a dog without a tail.

But the faucet still running.

Scratch papers with his mistakes at the trash

But he still continue to fill his new paper with a good ink.

IG: itsdaveraj

Fb: daveeeraj

Mr. Blueman: Why you left?

I really like to look up on you and stare at the moon.

I remember how beautiful you are and pretty smiled at me.

I remember how we kissed under the moonlight .

I remember how we wrote our story We were laughing, laugh, laugh, laugh; happy.

Until one day the moon was gone and you do the same; you left.

Mr. Blueman still waiting to you, he really miss you.

No more moon to his town; full of sadness.

But even If he didn’t touch you, didn’t hold you, hug you, and see you.

His eyes with a salty tears still looking at you at the far cry from away.

Why you left?

IG: itsdaveraj

Fb: daveeeraj

Mr. Blueman: Mr. Blueman’s moon

For the first sun risen was,

All the things are nothing to us.

Until the moon count down for the last —

All the things are quintessential to us.

But we acted like we were blind,

Still our heart is going to remind.

Sun’s going down to your questions; excited

All the senses was stopped; faded and you’re rejected.

Many sun passed away,

But the moon was last at the bay.

The coffee is now cold,

But the mug still at the top and hold.

The moon looks like lagoon

Feelings are fly high inside the ballon.

Mr. Blueman was leaning on the wall

He’s thinking and afraid to fall.

IG: itsdaveraj

Fb: daveeeraj